Contacts for:

Northern Road Builders


Main Office - 2 miles Southeast of La Crete on the South access road
P.O. Box 1570
La Crete, AB. T0H 2H0

Main Office Lines

780-928-4900 office
780-928-4915 fax

Harvey Wolfe

Position: Owner / Operations Manager

Cell: 780.926.9401 Email:

Paul Driedger

Position: Construction Manager / Estimator

Cell: 780.821.0911 Email:

Philip Unrau

Position: Owner / President

Cell: 780.926.9402 Email:

Lauren Dyck

Position: HSE / Risk Manager

Cell: 780.926.1435 Email:

John Braun

Position: Office Manager

Cell: 780.926.6278 Email:

Willie Martens

Position: Project Supervisor

Cell: 780.285.2011 Email:

John Teichroeb

Position: Project Supervisor

Cell: 780.841.9780 Email:

Henry Peters

Position: Project Supervisor / Underground Utilities

Cell: 780.841.2951 Email:

Bill Wiebe

Position: Parts & Service Manager

Cell: 780.926.6640 Email:

Jim Wiebe

Position: Shop Supervisor

Cell: 780.841.5893 Email:

John Wieler

Position: Project Supervisor

Cell: 780.821.0349 Email:

James Friesen

Position: Transport Coordinator / Dispatch

Cell: 780.841.4082 Email:

John Klassen

Position: Office Manager

Cell: 780.821.0435 Email:

Herman Neudorf

Position: Project Supervisor

Cell: 780.926.0718 Email: